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Steve Jackson

What do you need to do to make your own online store if you are new to the internet world!

Its a question lots of people are asking themselves when they make a decision to get into an online business with the idea of making money from home.

But if you do not have the skills and knowledge needed to make your own online store what is the solution.

One simple solution is to find a company that will supply you with a online store website and admin leaving you to market their products stress free.

How to setup online store

How to start an online shopping business that ticks all the boxes regarding simplicity and price:

  1. A stable and reliable company: This US company has been going since 2008 with great success globally
  2. Low price: The basic enrollment package starts at 35$ (20€ / £25 / 50 AUD) but if you purchase one of the many product kits the enrollment fee is waivered.
  3. A sell-able products line: The products line is therapeutic grade essential oils which has become one of the most sell-able health and wellness products in the world today with massive growth over that last 5 years
  4. Unlimited earning potential: The business plan allows anyone with the desire for success to make a fantastic part-time or full-time income.
  5. High retention rate of over 65%: Return customer rate is one of the highest in the industry
  6. Receive bonuses: In addition to 25% retail bonuses, the distributor can earn commissions from affiliate team members 7 levels down
  7. Free products: For loyal customers and distributors it is possible to get free product of the month and free product points
  8. Free personalized webshop: This simple webshop allow the distributor to create a simple personalized webshop with no coding knowledge at all
  9. No monthly fee: To keep costs down, once you have paid your enrollment fee there is no addition month fee
  10. Access to a global market: The world is your market place, so you need not be worried about saturation rates, because the global market is limitless.

The fact is online buying and selling sites have become the go to place if we want anything online from holidays to buying flowers on mothers day. So regardless of any anti internet feelings, if you are not online you have taking away a important element of your marketing plan.

As I have already mentioned, one of the fastest growing products line on the market at the moment is essential oils, but not just any essential oils. The essential oils that the customer is shouting about is therapeutic grade essential oil by a company called Doterra.

I have been marketing as a professional internet marketer with five years online and 20 years in MLM on and off line and I have never seen such a boom in the online market place for their essential oil products. Consequently, I feel that selling essential oils online through a webshop is a must for anybody interested in becoming a Doterra essential oils consultant and using their Doterra store.

Why is Doterra essential oils the best online store website at the moment?

I have been doing a lot of research on the subject of alternative health care in relation to essential oils and over the last 5 – 10 year there has been a massive rise in interest. So, for me it was a no-brainer, Doterra essential oils were trending so well that I just needed to get involved.

The proof is in Google Trends that show that even though Alternative medicine is stable Essential oils has gained in popularity by a massive amount.

How to start an online retail business

Online success a Doterra Store

Reaching out and selling Doterra products online from your Doterra online store website

As I have already said, the best way to reach your customers is by using a webshop. You can argue with me about that but no matter how you look at it, there are more people on the internet than people you know personally.

You have bullied and pestered your family & friends and now you are in a dry spell, so, how do you find more people to be customers or new consultants? You need to reach out to people online and get them interested in your whatever you are offering.

To reach the entire world (or at least the entire English speaking world), Doterra offers all their consultants an easy to use and setup online store

Setting a up a Doterra store sounds a bit challenging but I can not express you how easy it is.

Most people surfing the internet don’t really care how good looking your page is, every though the Doterra landing page and shop look great. They surf the web to read and gather information from them!

Make your own online store

The most important element on your Doterra shop should be a personal bio, a great image that says something about who you are and a link name. All can be setup in a few minutes in the Doterra back office.

How do your get customers to visit your website?

Setting up your Doterra store looks nice to the eye and in fact the easy part of running an online business, the hard bit is getting visitors to your webshop and buy your Doterra oils.

Using social media such as Facebook, Linkedin, twitter is a good and easy way to get your business noticed online

In addition, setting up Facebook groups and pages and posting new information about Doterra products while funneling people towards your webshop is a tried and tested method of getting traffic to your webshop. A similar method can be used with Twitter, Linkedin or any other social media platform. (remember to put your webshop link with any post)

Using your Doterra shop link is the most exciting way to me because you can make some big commissions from promoting the Doterra products. The concept is that you promote a Doterra essential oil product on Facebook and customers simple buy straight from Doterra and you are paid commissions for your trouble.. You simply say, “I recommend this product” and link to your Doterra website (via your affiliate link).

For Doterra essential oils, you could recommend things like different essential oils, essential oil blend, diffusers, related essential oil products and the Doterra business opportunity. The possibilities are endless!

Doterra Store

This is what you are going to do when you join Doterra:

What do you get from me:

You will also get access to:

100% Free Doterra Product Guide!

The Doterra product guide is more than just a catalog. Download The Doterra Product right now, Read Your Free 'Doterra oil guide' and Quickly Learn How to become a Wellness Advocate or Wholesale Customer. The Doterra product guide will give you an A to Z about Doterra essential oils and there uses for a healthier more positive future.

Join Doterra for Only $35!


Is it hard to set up the Doterra shop?

Less than simple

How much does is cost to run a Doterra business?

Well, it depends on how you want to proceed, the Doterra basic business package is $35 (20€ / £25 / 50 AUD) but if you purchase one of the many product packages the $35 (20€ / £25 / 50 AUD) is waivered.

How much does Doterra training cost?

Doterra online training is free however the live training's have some cost such as the Doterra Boot-camp

Is there any extra costs?

Well, there is no extra monthly fee, only a yearly fee of 25$, but you will be sent a Peppermint oil when you re-enroll, so nothing really.

How long does it take to earn money?

This is a tough question to answer because it’s different for everyone. Some people go up the ranking very quickly and others are a bit slower, but others take more than a year. It really depends on how much time you spend growing your business each day.

How much money can I earn?

This is the cool part – there’s no limit! There are billions of dollars being spent online every day. All you need to do is find a small slice of the pie and you can be making really good money.

Some people have businesses that earn a modest $30,000-$80,000 per year. Others grow to six figures and beyond.

But lets begin with the first step – creating your Doterra account and starting your Doterra business opportunity!

Q & A Discussion

If you have any questions about how to sell essential oils - email me and I will get back to you asap….